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Our gift packages are designed for every occasion and every budget. Each Myrtle Beach  Salon & Spa  Certificate  comes in its own special package. Ideal for birthdays, a key business client, anniversary, holidays, or as a congratulations. Myrtle Beach Salon &Spa prides itself on providing a special experience for friends, family or a significant someone.   If you are in a hurry, Myrtle Beach Salon & Spa Certificates can be mailed directly to you or to that special someone overnight for an additional charge.

We offer Myrtle Beach Salon & Spa Certificates for any amount, or for a specific treatment or treatments.
All Myrtle Beach Salon & Spa Certificates can be redeemed for any service or salon item.
You may purchase a Myrtle Beach Salon & Spa Certificate by calling us at (740) 676-9001 or you may purchase a Myrtle Beach Salon & Spa Certificate at our location. Please note that for requests to mail Myrtle Beach Salon & Spa Certificates to an address other than the credit card billing address we will require a faxed signature form. Please ask our host about details.
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